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“Multidrug-Resistant Organisms: Effective Hospital Management and Policy, Treatment and Prevention” Columbia Global Centers, Beijing

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 Over 100 Chinese hospital leaders, top government officials and healthcare industry executives gathered July 30 and 31, 2011 at the 2nd Annual International Healthcare Leadership (IHL) symposium in Beijing to discuss one of the world’s most challenging public health issues: Multidrug-Resistant Organisms. The conference, designed to create a high level dialogue among key healthcare leaders on the role of Public Health Policy and Healthcare Management, was hosted by David P. ROYE, Jr., MD, CEO of IHL. The conference was co-organized by China Hospital CEO Magazine, Columbia Global Centers/East Asia-Beijing and Pricewaterhouse Coopers, and was sponsored by Merck and Pricewaterhouse Coopers.

Dr. ROYE described to speakers and guests that the IHL symposium was one of the non-profit organization’s initiatives to provide opportunities for healthcare leaders to exchange ideas, strategies and best practices. “As we face common concerns in our respective healthcare systems, we can share evidence-based knowledge across countries to benefit all,” stated Dr. Roye. IHL is focused on advancing the use of public health scientific measures and evaluation tools to improve healthcare policy, infrastructure and hospital management.

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Dr. David Roye was invited to present the work of IHL at the Fourth Annual China Hospital CEO Conference in Chengdu

Over 1,800 attended the annual China Hospital CEO conference, held in Chengdu in November 2010. Representing IHL, Dr. Roye was invited to speak on “The Perspective of a Surgeon with Experience in China and the US: Comparing Management Problems.” He was also invited to participate as a panel member in a discussion with other healthcare leaders focused on “Hospital Management in the Information Era.”

IHL’s participation in this program was an opportunity to meet many healthcare leaders and hospital executives and advance discussions of the impact of public health policy on hospital management.

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Dr. David Roye was invited to participate in the first Strategic Dialogue for Sino-US Relations in Beijing


Fifteen leaders of industry, academia, government and healthcare attended the first Strategic Dialogue for Sino-US Relations in Beijing the summer of 2010. Representing IHL, Dr. David Roye was invited to attend and join the discussion with his perspective as a professor, surgeon and leader of an NGO dedicated to advancing the use of public health policy to improve healthcare.

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Incorporating Public Health Policy into Healthcare Management

Symposium Draws a Crowd of Healthcare Leaders

On July 15, 2010 over 180 attended the International Healthcare Leadership’s inaugural symposium held in Beijing. Participants to the one-day symposium titled “Incorporating Public Health Policy into Healthcare Management” were welcomed by US Ambassador to China Jon Huntsman, Jr. who applauded the sharing of information about health care and health policy and believed it provided an opportunity to establish a “deep reservoir” of trust between the US and China.

Dr. David P. Roye, Jr, MD., CEO of International Healthcare Leadership and host of the symposium was delighted with the unique combination of scholars, government leaders, hospital administrators and industry executives as speakers and audience members. Said Dr. Roye, “One of IHL’s goals is to facilitate high level discussion and academic exchange on health policy, and that goal was accomplished today.”

After a morning of presentations and an afternoon of lively discussion regarding the challenges and future of healthcare reform in China, Professor Hufeng WANG of Renmin University said the symposium “successfully provided a platform for the academic exchange in the healthcare policy and management field between China and US.”

Presentations of the faculty from the prestigious Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health in New York measured and compared the performance of healthcare systems in London, Paris and New York; described evidence based tools used to establish healthcare budgets; and discussed methods to affect change within the healthcare system.

Faculty from the esteemed institutions of China Hospital Association, Renmin University, Peking University, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences/Peking Union Medical College, and Chinese Europe International Business School gave critical and insightful updates about the Chinese health care system and the current health care reform.

The afternoon panel discussed the role and impact of 1st, 2nd and 3rd level hospitals and reform from the patients’ perspective.

Panel member Anthony RENSHAW of International SOS said “I found the meeting very useful. The purpose was to bring academics together with national and international healthcare professionals, and that objective was met."

IHL will be publishing a white paper as a result of the meeting, and plans are underway for future meetings as well as the launch of the International Healthcare Leadership 5-week Certificate Program in New York Summer 2011.

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"Health Care Management: An International Perspective” by Katharina Janus, PhD, MBA, Professor of Health Care Management, Ulm University, German Assistant Professor at Columbia University's Department of Health Policy and Management

“Evaluating Access to Care: The World Cities Project” by Michael GUSMAMO, PhD Research Scholar at the Hastings Center and Co-Director of the World Cities Project at the International Longevity Center–USA

“Getting Evidence-Based Practices into Practice” by Kimberley R. ISETT, PhD, MPA, Assistant Professor at Columbia University’s Department of Health Policy and Management

“Cost-effectiveness Analysis as a Component of Health Reform” by Peter MUENNIG, MD, MPH, Assistant Professor at Columbia University’s Department of Health Policy and Management

“Economic Analysis of China’s Health Financing” by Gordon LIU, PhD, Professor, Department of Applied Economics, Executive Director, The Health Economics and Management Institute, Director, China Center for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research

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