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IHL "Fireside Chats"   Sino-U.S. Physicians Panel Series 


The IHL “Fireside Chats” Sino-U.S. Physicians Panel Series is an initiative launched by International Healthcare Leadership in 2016. The panel is held on a regular basis, where IHL invites clinicians, industrial leaders, researchers and students from both China and the United States to join us and discuss on different topics in health care. The IHL Fireside Chats Series is dedicated to bridging the communication between Chinese and American health care leaders, as well as to inspiring health care leading minds in the next generation.

The first session of the IHL Fireside Chats Series was held on May 20th 2016 at Columbia University Medical Center. Physician and technician panelists sat together and shared their opinions on the Chinese doctor-patient relationship issue. Audience includes American and visiting Chinese physicians, Columbia students, and leaders in health care industry. (Read More)


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