May 20, 2016: “IHL Fireside Chats” Sino-U.S. Physicians Panel: Doctor-patient relationship

On May 20th 2016, the first session of the IHL Fireside Chats Sino-U.S. Physicians Panel was held at Hammer Health Sciences Building, Columbia University Medical Center. Eight physician and technician panelists who came from different hospitals in China and the United Stated were invited to discuss on the hot health care topic: the doctor-patient relationship issue in China and the contributing factors. The panel was moderated by Mr. Da Liu, the Director of International Healthcare Leadership (IHL).

 In the meeting, the panelists exchanged their perspectives on the recent outrageous physician murders that happened in south China. Based on their practice experience, the panelists took a step further and reveal some of the systemic contributors, and possibilities to find out solutions. The discussion went for an hour and a half in an active and inspiring atmosphere.

 We have already been hearing too much about this kind of depressing news. Said Dr. Fang Chen, an anesthesiology doctor from Shenzhen Childrens Hospital, one of IHL panelists. And it is time for us to reflect on this issue and do something. I am optimistic about the changes that is going to take place.

 The conflict between doctors and their patients exist in every single health care practice in the world. It takes integrated effort to solve the problem, and each of us can do something to make the situation better. Dr. David P. Roye, President and CEO of International Healthcare Leadership, wrapped up at the end of the discussion.

Over 40 audiences attended the event. The group came from Columbia University, New York-Presbyterian Hospital, Chinese hospitals, and many other institutions and organizations. At the end of the meeting, the audiences had the opportunity to interact with the IHL panelists on their questions of interest.

 After the meeting on Friday evening, the panelists and audience suggested that such discussion is mind inspiring and can be extremely beneficial for the communication between Chinese and American health care. Dr. Chen, a physician from China and currently observing at the Hospital of Special Surgery in New York, told IHL: The format of bringing about a discussion between Chinese and American physicians is very inspiring. It actually helped me understand differences between the Chinese and US health care system that have been ignored. I am really looking forward to hearing the panel discuss about other interesting topic.